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Connecting teams, tools, and tasks across your enterprise

Break down silos, align teams, and accelerate growth with ClickUp. Designed for ultimate performance, scalability, and reliability.

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Trusted by 2 million+ teams to redefine the way they work and communicate.

cartoon network 42h

Increased output by 2x in half the time.

vmware 42h

8x faster projects and task setup.

mayo clinic 42h

Saved 6h a week with automated workflows.

Built for unmatched enterprise scalability, security, and reliability.

99.9% uptime guarantee

Ensure your operations never skip a beat with our 99.9% uptime guarantee, keeping your workflow smooth and uninterrupted.

99.9% uptime 550x260

Unmatched speed and scalability

Leverage our exclusive RapidViews DB™ technology for ultimate scalability and performance unmatched by any other solution

Unmatched speed and scalability 550x260

Advanced admin tools

Everything you need to protect your data, manage access, configure permissions and keep a compressive activities log is built-in.

Advanced admin tools

AI-powered workflows

The world's first neural network connecting tasks, docs, people, and all of your company’s knowledge with AI.

AI-powered workflows - 500x260

Internationally compliant

Our unwavering commitment to international standards guarantees your data is managed with exceptional care.

internationally compliant - 500x260

Loved by all teams

Unmatched flexibility, standards, and scale to support any team - no matter the size or complexity.

Loved by all teams

Trusted by leadership

Clear visibility from strategic plans to daily execution, for a single source for updates, risks, and progress.

Trusted by leadership

Endorsed by IT

Data is encrypted, safeguarded, and fully compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, Privacy Shield, and more.

Endorsed by IT

Complete solution

The everything app for work

All the tools you need in one platform, boosting efficiency, enhancing visibility, and empowering everyone with data-driven decisions.

projects and tasks

Projects and Tasks

Simplify project and task management, freeing up time to focus on what matters most.

Views and dashboards

Views and Dashboards

Visualize work in 15+ views including list, board, gantt, with productivity analytics at your fingertips.

Docs and Whiteboards

Docs and Whiteboards

Create, share, and visualize plans with collaborative docs and fully-featured whiteboards.

Fully flexible

Perfectly fits all workflows

ClickUp offers incredible flexibility that empowers teams to work in their own style, while seamlessly collaborating towards shared goals, all from a single platform.


Custom workflows

Designed for how teams want to work. No more workarounds or tradeoffs.


Custom Task types

Turn tasks into leads, tickets, and more, fitting the needs of any team.

Save it as a template

Reusable templates

Start with 100s of prebuilt templates, or build your own for repeated success.

Advanced controls

Manage controls and permissions

Change permissions and security settings for guests, members, and admins. You control what users can and can't see or do for each level of your Workspace.


Secure access

Ensure authorized access with SSO, SAML, 2FA, all alines with enterprise security standards.


Custom permissions

Design user roles with granular permissions, for precise control and access levels across the workspace.


Admin management

Equip admins with intuitive user access management and permissions, maximizing efficiency and operations.

Secure and reliable

Scale your enterprise confidently

Your workspace is built with privacy, security, and data residency in mind, adapting to your ever-growing needs and challenges.


Monitoring and operations

Effortlessly access audit logs, 24/7 monitoring, and comprehensive penetration testing, securing your data around the clock.


Regional data residency

Choose from US, EU, or APAC data storage under Regional Data Residency, keeping your data secure within your chosen region.


Your data stays yours

We collect just what's needed to support you and enhance our services, ensuring your data is never shared or sold.

Actionable visibility

Visibility without busywork

Whether your goal is greater efficiency or faster outcomes, you'll gain real-time insight and visibility into projects, people, and resources - fueling data-driven decisions.



See progress at a glance with dashboards across any team, project, or goal.



Make smarter decisions with real-time data and analytics support.


Goals and OKRs

Keep teams aligned and moving forward with automated OKR tracking.


Seamlessly connected



Instantly connect to Slack, Salesforce, GSuite, Github, and more.


Universal Search

Integrate with thousands of apps to automate work and reduce duplication.


ClickUp API

Developers get full access to build custom apps and integrations.

ClickUp Brain

AI-powered productivity

Speed up and simplify work with the world's first neural network connecting tasks, docs, people, and all of your company’s knowledge with AI.


AI Knowledge Manager™

Ask questions and get answers from your docs, tasks, and projects.


AI Project Manager™

A side-kick that manages and automates work such as updates.


AI Writer for Work™

Create content and reply quickly with an assistant tailored for work.

No training on your data

We have strict contracts with all AI sub-processors, explicitly prohibiting the use of your data for model training purposes. Your data is never shared or sold or used in any other way.

Supporting your team around the clock and across all fronts

Dedicated onboarding, world-class support, and incredibly responsive success managers make getting started and migrating to ClickUp a breeze.

Self-serve onboarding

Self-serve onboarding

Access complimentary resources, checklists, and templates to customize ClickUp at your pace, creating a workspace uniquely yours.

Guided onboarding

Guided onboarding

Our incredible customer success team provides personalized guidance and best practices for you to fully leverage ClickUp's potential.

Dedicated professional services

Dedicated professional services

Our specialists assess your needs and tailor a workspace to your business objectives for a streamlined setup and onboarding.

Dedicated support

Dedicated support

Our award-winning support team, responsive and available 24/7 to support your team no matter the scale or timezone.

ClickUp University

ClickUp University

Enroll in many of our comprehensive courses to deepen your understanding of ClickUp, ensuring it works exactly how you need it to.

Vetted consultants

Vetted consultants

Work with our carefully vetted ClickUp consultants for support ranging from compliance advice to strategic platform utilization.

Why ClickUp?

Unmatched insight and efficiency

ClickUp is the only platform that empowers you to visualize and report on all your data from a single, comprehensive view.


Visualize tasks across the entire enterprise in one place, with more than 13 different views for unmatched visibility and seamless workspace management.

Search across your workspace, third-party apps, and with our AI Knowledge Manager™. Ask any question to get answers from your docs, tasks, and projects.

Drive informed decisions with precision through comprehensive reporting and dashboards, connecting data from every task across unlimited projects.

Boost efficiency by adding tasks to multiple lists simultaneously, cutting down on duplicate efforts and keeping your workspace organized and agile.