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CRM Views

See client relationships at a glance

Manage everything from sales pipelines, customer engagement, and orders with ClickUp's 10+ highly flexible views. Easily track and manage your accounts on a List, Kanban Board, Table view, and more.

views graphic (2).png

Performance Dashboards

Analyze data for customer insights

Create high-level views to monitor customer lifetime value, average deal sizes, and more. ClickUp's 50+ Dashboard widgets make it easy to visualize all of your customer data in one place.

Sales Pipeline Dashboard

Email Management

Centralize customer outreach

Eliminate silos and fast-track communication by integrating your emails with ClickUp. Collaborate on deals, send project updates to clients, and onboard customers with a single email hub.



Build the perfect customer database

Create your ideal system to store and analyze contacts, customers, and deals. Add links between tasks, documents, and more to easily track all your related work.

Sales@2x (5).png

Automations & Forms

Streamline customer workflows with Automations & Forms

Automate handoffs, status updates, and more.

Automatically assign tasks for each stage of your pipeline, trigger status updates based on activity, and switch priorities to alert your team on where to focus next.


Simplify account management

Organize customers

Organize your accounts with a scalable hierarchy of Folders and Lists. Share projects with your clients and set granular permissions to control who sees what.

Organize Customers

Manage Pipeline

Manage your sales and account pipeline with custom status workflows. Save templates to manage everything from leads and clients to project deliveries.

Custom Statuses

Track Orders

Add custom fields to track orders, leads, scoring, and more. Save every datapoint and make reports for smarter analysis.

Custom Fields

Work with Clients

Add comments and assign them to clients or guests for quick approval. Or assign your team so they know exactly what comes next to close the deal.

Assign Comments

Discuss Initiatives

Collaborate and chat with your team from your desktop, mobile, and browser. Send attachments, embed HTML and Google Docs, unfurl task links, and more.

Chat view

Tag and Filter

Add custom tags to your tasks to organize your accounts. Filter and sort any task or account by specific tags to quickly find what you're looking for.

Tag and Filter

Draft Docs

Create docs, wikis, SOPs, proposals, and more. Embed Google Sheets, add rich formatting, leave comments, and edit with your team in real-time.

Draft Docs

Set Processes

Set a clear order of operations with Task Dependencies by marking tasks as "waiting on" or "blocking" others. Link similar tasks together to easily jump between related work.

Set Processes

Calculate Deal Size

Calculate numeric fields in List view to quickly total contract values, determine total cost to close, revenue, and more.

Calculate Deal Size

Add Geographic Data

Add a location field to see where your customers are on a map. Organize locations by account type, status, and more to get a geographic view of your clients.

Geographic Data


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