Work closely together, even when far apart

Fast-track teamwork and execute faster with ClickUp's all-in-one work platform for distributed teams. Align on shared goals, track progress, and collaborate seamlessly, no matter your location.

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Tools for teamwork

Fast-track team collaboration

Visualize the progress of your projects remotely, and easily adjust the timeline so everyone knows what to work on next.

Native zoom integration

Integrate directly with Zoom

Instantly start and schedule Zoom meetings from within tasks. Get notified to join a meeting in progress and receive the meeting details with a recording link afterwards.


Team tags

Quickly delegate to groups

Use Teams to easily create groups of people that you can assign to tasks, mention in comments, or add as watchers. If you're unsure who to assign a task to or have tasks that require a department, tag an entire team.

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Start with ClickUp's Remote Work Template

Get started with a ClickUp Template designed for remote work management. Then, customize your Lists, Docs, and tasks to adapt it to your team's unique needs.


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