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Log and monitor errors or bugs during software development using a Bug Tracking template. With a tracking system, the development team can easily and effectively manage, evaluate and prioritize issues accordingly.
Bug tracking is crucial to keeping software reliable, effective, and running smoothly. The ideal template lets you report, track, and prioritize bugs in the same place you do the rest of your work. Organization is key in bug tracking, after all!
ClickUp's bug tracking template includes every tool and visualization needed to ditch the spreadsheets and help you:
  • Streamline issue tracking and bug reporting processes
  • Optimize collaboration with teammates and users to resolve bugs
  • Organize and store all issue reports in a collaborative, no-code database
ClickUp's fully-loaded bug report template lets you do all of the above and more—all in one place!

ClickUp Bug Tracking Template

ClickUp's flexible bug tracking template helps QA analysts, engineers, or any Agile team save time on issue tracking with pre-built views, Custom Statuses, Custom Fields, and more.
Bug Queues template Board view
This bug tracking template includes five highly visual views that can be customized for any need, from streamlining the bug report process with request forms to managing team bandwidth on Workload view.
  • List view: See all of your issue tracking tasks at a glance and organize them by priority, Scrum points, and more
  • Board view: Prioritize and sort bugs by customer impact or status on a drag-and-drop Kanban board
  • Workload view: Monitor your team's workload, identify bottlenecks, and see who is under or over-capacity
  • Form view: Collect and organize bug report submissions with customizable Forms, then organize all of your response data
  • Timeline view: Schedule team-wide initiatives across a horizontal timeline
Within this bug report template, you also have pre-saved Lists for Hotfixes, Internal Bugs, and Backlogs that further organize the crucial aspects of bug and issue tracking.
Bug Queues template List view
Each view has pre-built Custom Fields that allow your team to add important details such as progress percentage bars, bug statuses, and Scrum points. You'll also get Custom Statuses that help everyone stay on the same page when it comes to tracking the progress of each task and report.
Additionally, ClickUp's template comes with pre-built, customizable Bug Report Forms that can be shared, downloaded, and turned into new tasks. Tailor each Form to ask for the specific info needed for your team to document and resolve issues. You can even embed these custom bug report forms onto a webpage!
Bug Queues template Form view

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